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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


You’re really doing a very brave thing when you’re starting and growing a business. Something most people never have the guts to do, which is largely attributed to fear of the unknown.
When striking into the unknown, you feel both fearful and doubtful, but in the entrepreneurship journey, there’s an additional feeling of excitement.  It’s really an odd mix of emotions and feelings...
You get all forms of feelings such as, sinking stomach, racing heart, achy head, sweaty palm,  ……… The truth be told, building a brand and business can be tough to a large extent.  
Creating a business means learning to persevere, observant, be creative, innovative, collaborate, leverage, Negotiate, and a lot more.

A lot of times, people think they have to possess these skills before they can start up their business ideas. Having such a mindset means you have to be an entrepreneur before starting out.

Believe me: You don’t need to be an entrepreneur before you start. You become an entrepreneur in the process of pursuing your dreams. The major skills required of you are:  a burning passion, dogged persistence, and a hunger for continual learning, creativity and innovation.

Your love for your business should be like a mother’s love for her child; entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a child. Your love will overcome all the risks involved.

Entrepreneurship goes beyond profit making. It is rooted in your passion for business, as well as the desire to use business for the purpose of making a valuable contribution to the society.

As great as it is to own your own business, it is a lonely journey, but perseverance amongst other attributes is what ‘melts the mountain’ of loneliness. The road may seem tough, rough and long; no matter how things turn out, if you just persevere, it will all work out.

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. – Steve Jobs.

What is that business that is making you think about throwing in the towel? Hold on, better days are here. The darkest star of the night is just an hour to morning. You’re almost there.

Right now someone might be asking, “I have things I’m passionate about. So how do I turn my passion project into a business?” “Where do I start from?” Sometimes you find yourself at a cross-road and you ask such questions. Of course, you can start from somewhere, as long as you are going somewhere. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to get going.
It wasn’t perfect, but I started- I write, I publish, I stumble, I learn, and I’m improving by the day. The owners of the businesses you admire today when through same process. You too can do the same.

What is that venture you are procrastinating its startup? Remember some destinies are tied to that business. Start now!

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Image credit: fivethirtyeight.com

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  1. "You don’t need to be an entrepreneur before you start. You become an entrepreneur in the process of pursuing your dreams." What a revelation?