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Friday, October 13, 2017

Opinion Poll: Find out what people are saying about Network marketing business in Nigeria

From observation in the business world, Network marketing ( MLM - Multi Level Marketing) business is trendy among freelance marketers and organizations. More companies are beginning to adopt this model as a means to easily dispose of their products and services.

To the freelance marketer, it’s a way of building a company within a company, and they are just loving it! According to them, they earn while they ‘sleep’. But in reality, does it really work according to what we hear or it’s only hype?

 Let’s hear from some Real People with Real Experiences within and outside the industry.

Here’re the questions asked: A lot has been said about Network marketing Business. What is your take on the Network Marketing Business in Nigeria? Is it worth the stress?  Where do you see the industry in the next 5 to 10 years?

Yes.  It’s worth the stress because; it’s a platform that has liberated a lot of people from the slavery of salary job. Again and again I will recommend network marketing for organizations and individuals.

The future: Network marketing business in Nigeria will become the number one most preferred business networking  in the next 5 to 10 years, because of its referral platform, which will continually create opportunity for exponential economic growth. 

Though some organizations are trying to change the true face of network business in Nigeria, but come what may, one or two organizations who are guilty of this cannot stop the widespread of network marketing in Nigeria.
Treasure I.  Real Estate Consultant, Ajah, Lagos.

For me, Network marketing is a no-go area. It’s sheer deceit and illusion.
There’s a network marketing company that constitutes nuisance today, especially in Lagos. They go about deceiving people with posters, handbills, SMS and so on, saying they have various job openings. They invite people for job interview and force them to join the company. That’s criminal!

Someone told me of how he was forced to bring out his ATM card, at the so-called interview venue, to make payment.

If the business of network, marketing is really lucrative as they say, these people will not indulge in all these criminal acts.  Most of their members look very haggard and frustrated. Don’t get deceived by the fast talkers with vague promises.
Joseph A. Ajah, Lagos.

Personally, network marketing is good as it serves as an alternative source of income outside one's routine business or job.

The issue/problem I have with it is that most are shortlived. Simply PUT, THEY DONT LAST. As a matter of fact, I don't know how to convince people to join something that will end up being of benefit to them, as that is mostly the criteria for one to grow for some network market.

I think network marketing is for a few set of persons. 
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Network marketing is the way to financial freedom. It pays and is still paying. I have benefitted from it times without number.

I don't know why some people hate it so much. Maybe it’s because they don't understand how it works.

With the way the industry is going, I see a great future in it. More companies are adopting it and its working for them.
 Hyginus O.  Networker, Business man and Farmer.

Network marketers constitute nuisance around. If you want people to hate you fast, introduce network marketing business to them and be on them. Network marketers are desperate set of people.

For me, it should be a source of extra income and not a primary means of income. And it should be done with wisdom. I noticed when you do it without having other sources of income; you become a desperado or even a dupe.  

Most of the companies are not straight forward. They say A and do Z.  I thank God I left it; it almost ruined me. They are a confused set of people. God will help them.

Network marketing is worth the stress;it provides one with flexible working hours.  I would say it's the future of marketing.

It is usually structured to sustain itself and give anyone financial independence.
 Oni Segun - Principal Consultant, Ogive Digital Solutions, Lagos.

I think it works for some people; I know a few that have won cars, traveled abroad, built houses through network marketing business. I think it’s worth it if you know your onus.

I think there’s a future in it; some people even resign their jobs to go into it full time and they’re not doing badly. Some students are into it as well, and are trying to make ends meet.
Jonathan A. Undergraduate at Uniport

I very well think network marketing is the future for sme's to advance and build an empire from the small start.

 It is worth investing into, it gives everyone a chance to partake, network and grab in detail what they are getting into and building capacity.

 Well, in the near future I see a stiff competition in the business world, thereby business owners will have to network to survive and hence make impact after all.
George. Ajah – Lagos.

Network marketing business is like sniffing cocaine. When you get lured into it, it’s only God that can save you.

Some of them brainwash their people not to do any other thing in life and they end up being miserable.

I know of 2 people around me that went into it, and became miserable. I thank God they're out of it.

 With the look of things, only a very few make it there. All we see there is SHEER HYPE. It is not really what they say it is. They need to calm down.
Olusola S. Lagos.

Network marketing business in Nigeria would continue to grow because the government is unable to cater for the needs of its unemployed citizens.

And with the continuous expansion of the gap between the rich and the poor, MLM is one of the ways that the poor could tap from the wealth of the wealthy.

Time is very precious to man. MLM offers people the opportunity to dictate the usage of their time.

Finally, I think in 5 years time, more people and businesses would embrace MLM as the best form of marketing. 
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It’s worth the stress to a large extent. Considering the traditional Network marketing companies, the ‘early birds’ always have an edge, but it all depends on the compensation plan of the company. Network marketing requires a lot of work at the beginning stage. You cannot enjoy it just by wishing or mere planning. You have to work hard to build your team; it’s the fruit from that team you’ll enjoy later on in the business.

For me, Network marketing business is the way. Apart from the traditional network marketing companies, a new set of companies are beginning to adopt it as a business model and its really working for them and the networkers. So many people have become millionaires through this simple business model.

The new set of companies that have adopted it have produced millionaires overnight. An example of such companies are a number of firms in the real estate industry.

From my experience, Real estate and network marketing are 2 'dangerous' combinations. Embracing this combination wholeheartedly can make a pauper a millionaire overnight. Just like in other businesses, you must be up your game to make it in this business.

I see a great future in network marketing; more businesses are coming to terms with it as the way forward.
Chuks N. Real Estate Consultant.  Facebook

My perspective: 
“Different strokes for different folks.”

On one hand, I know a woman that is a top person in one of these traditional network marketing companies. She’s gotten loads and loads of benefits from the company, such as countless trips abroad, cars, house, electronics and the like. The last time I had about her, I was told the company foots the bill for her son’s university education in a top private school in Nigeria.

on the other hand, I was chatting with a friend on facebook last week, and I asked her about a network marketing company she joined 3 years ago. Her reply was, “I’ve left them.” I asked why? And she said, “They almost ruined my ministry.” When I pressed further to know what she meant by that, she said, “it’s a long story that will be for another day.”

After chatting with her, I kept wondering what really happened; I know back then she was ‘head over hills’ for the company. I’ll try and get the details from her and maybe publish it for you to know.

The Future: From the on-going trend, I think network marketing business has a future in Nigeria; more companies are adopting the model to sell their products, since it seem to be the fastest way of selling. It’s a win-win thing for both freelancers and businesses.

CONCLUSION: Hmmmm, a lot has been said, who do we believe? These are just a few I could publish. Some responses were too personal and were looking like a big fight and so could not be published.

The truth be told: In every business, especially in Nigeria, you’ll see ‘real’ and ‘fake’ people.’ Your ability to think with your head rather than your heart is what makes the difference. Thinking with your heart makes you a victim, while thinking with your head makes you a victor. Learn to look before you leap.

You can drop your comments, questions, contributions, suggestions and even queries.

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. Network Marketing is the 21st century business for the aspiring entrepreneur who want to leverage for that freedom, and financial success in the shortest possible time.

    1. Unfortunately, it will take some people ages to resonate with this fact.

  2. Let us be focused and optimistic in the pursuit of this business. whether some are against it or not, it doesn't matter. Whatever they say is their opinion and they have right to it.

    1. "Focus". Keyword! Without focus, the noise around will definitely overwhelm you.

  3. Some Network marketing companies made it in a way that down-lines are meant to collect their commission through their up-lines. Most up-lines end up eating the money, thereby frustrating the efforts of the down-lines. This system is very bad. Commissions should be paid directly.


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