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Monday, October 02, 2017


A writer once said “today’s success will be tomorrow’s failure if not improved upon.”  This is to say, we should always realize that today is fast joining past. It’s a busy world and life is moving very fast and the easiest way to keep being relevant and be remembered is to be excellent.

In the first part of this topic, Excellence-A Must Have Culture For Success, we had an analogy of Google and Yahoo, which I think is worthy of note. It is the responsibility of everyone in the enterprise and never out of place to give and demand for excellence in our pursuit, if we must build a robust enterprise for ourselves and the world.

In this post we shall be talking about how we can cultivate excellence in all we do.
Before we go into how to cultivate excellence, let me share just 3 reasons why you must cultivate excellence in all you do.

1. Excellence communicates value attached: People know you value what you’re doing when you there for excellence and they can’t mess with your work.

2. Excellence attracts: When you want to attract great people, you must create a great atmosphere & environment; some people will not identify with you if you or your business if you do not have class. Be the best at what you do and you‘ll attract the best.

3. Excellence is rewarding: You must eat the fruit of your labour. This is non-negotiable. Life is garbage in, garbage out.


Since it is said that, “We are what we do repeatedly.” Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit. The habits we form, in no time, become our way of life.

1.  KNOW YOUR WHY: Why are you doing what you’re doing? If your aim is to do it differently & make things better, money will naturally come. But if your aim is to make money, you may not last in the business or job.

2. DEFINE YOUR ASSIGNMENT: ask yourself thing like “What do I stand to achieve in this business. You must be efficient in all you do – doing things right. When your product says something else, your advert cannot change it. Are you delivering what you‘re supposed to deliver?

3. REINVENT YOURSELF: Life is progressive and to be in tune, you must deliberately and continually reinvent yourself & the way you do things in your career and business; if you don’t, you will gradually fizzle out in no time.  “to maintain your position you have to keep jugging” – Anonymous.

4. GET DISSATISFIED: Imbibe the mindset” I want my life & business to be superior to what is obtainable at the moment. I want to be the best in what I do. Ask yourself the following: What must my business look like or feel like when it’s finally at the market place?

How will employers customers feel after using my skills, products or services? How will it improve the lives/businesses of users? How can I make my skills or products or services better than the best in the market? 

5.  RESEARCH: Research on every relevant area. Also, spy on your competitors in business. Monitor the activities of the best in your industry & improve on their weaknesses. If you need an idea, just buy a product & point at the negative things about the product, this will tell you what to do about product. This will help you improve on their best products.

6. SET STANDARDS: Setting standards and one thing, scaling them is the real thing. Setting a “me too” kind of standard will only make you a second best. Set standards that will stretch you and make you think as though there is no box and work like never before.

7. DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF: How you do what you do matters a lot. You need to have a unique way of doing what you do. In other words, the way you do what you do should have the tendency of differentiating you from everyone else in your career/business.

Excellence should be pronounced in all & every aspect of your life, career and business - Products, customer service, staff welfare, dressing, communication, facilities, production process, events etc.

8.  HAVE MENTORS: With the help of mentors, you will always see things from different and brighter perspective, which is bound to influence and improve on the way you do things.

9.  BEAT THE RECORDS: There are achievements in your field or market that are yet to be surpassed. Look for ways of breaking such records and the excellent spirit in you will find expression.

10. GET EXPOSURE: Travel on different routes, attending events, books, training, interest, visits, and the like. Different route here is going out of the norm. Challenge the status quo. See things from a different light (perspective).

11. PRACTICE: When trying to apply knowledge on things, you may not get it right the first time but keep trying. Keep at it! Excellence is not a destination, it is a journey.

12.  PERSISTENCE: Do not settle for less. Always insist on the best. People may be against you when you thrive for excellence, but keep at it, at a point, they’ll join you.

13.  GET FEEDBACK: You cannot say you serve well when you’ve not heard from your employers/customers or clients. If you are in business, create an avenue for your customers & clients to talk back.

14.  IMPROVE ON SUCCESSES: When you succeed at something, find out why and how you succeeded and improve on every single activity that aided the success. Developing excellence means learning from the past, deciding what worked & what could have worked better, then applying on learning to future actions.

15. APPRECIATE & CELEBRATE: Appreciate and celebrate small success: There’s something appreciation and celebrate do to our morale. When you appreciate yourself and others for a small achievement, it naturally boosts morale. You mustn’t use them.

CONCLUSION: To be on top of your game, you have no choice than to create the best that can be, and cannot afford to disappoint yourself; you have the ability.

The world is yearning for excellence. Do things better, each time you try your hands on them and you will become outstanding in no time. Excellence is not a choice; it’s a necessity.


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