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Sunday, October 08, 2017



TEXT: Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27

Have you ever been in a situation where you asked the Lord for something pressing and it wasn’t granted, per say. In such situation, did you ever remember the past things God has done for you? I know you can never say God has never done anything good for you.

Sometimes the situation may be so pressing that something has to be done or things would go in disarray. The deadline might be so close and the condition so pressing that you’ll feel like doing something funny to yourself or saying something negative about God. At some point, you feel like God is not there or he never had you or He wants you to suffer.

One of the reasons such feelings is this: Sometimes when we ask, we ask as though that is the first time God will do something good for us. We don’t seem to remember what he had done in the past. And so we go to Him with some level of doubt and trial. You cannot try God.

You may be going through health challenges, financial difficulties, mockery for childlessness, career setback, academic setback, relationship wreck, prolonged singlehood, business stagnation or failure, thinking God is not answering your prayers.

Not to worry, God has a better plan for you. The manufacturer of a product knows what to do to the product per time. He knows what is good for you better than you do. That condition you think will ‘swallow’ you up is only an illusion.

Think about the account of the children of Israel crossing the red sea in Exodus 14. What situation do you think is more pressing than that? Yet God was able to arrest the situation.

I love this story because it is a great encouragement to me. Each time I find myself in a pressing situation, after handing it over to God in the place of prayer, I tell myself: “this issue is too small as compared to the red sea issue, so it’s very minor for my God”, and I go to sleep, waiting for its manifestation. Of course, I get a positive result.

I’ve been in situations, where humanly speaking, it was impossible for me to come out. Everyone around me gave up, thinking the situation would ‘swallow’ me up. Deep down in me, I knew God would do something and I was very calm. My coming out of those issues is a mystery to everyone, including me.

Today, I don’t panic or fret over anything, no matter how heavy they may seem. Tongues may wag, but I always remain calm; I know it’s just for a season. I’m coming out on the other side with a ‘big bang.’

You can as well set your mind on something that seemed impossible in the eyes of men, including you, that God turned around, in the past. Hold on to that as your assurance that God can do it again and again.

Pause, rewind and you will realize what God has done for you is far beyond what you’re asking for at present. That should go a long way to tell you that, if He can do what he did in the past, this issue at hand is nothing to Him. So why worry, grumble, whine, complain, weep and grump? God can do it again and again.

I was listening to Pastor David Oyedepo jnr, of Living faith Church, and he said, “Where you are today is someone else’s prayer point”, and that stroked me.   Listen, do you know there are people working and praying very hard to be where you are right now? It may mean nothing to you, maybe because you never prayed or worked hard to be where you are. It came to you on a platter of gold. You still have to understand that it’s the Lord’s doing and He can do it again and again.

On the other hand, you may have prayed and worked very hard, for years, to be where you are – New job, promotion, business breakthrough, children, life partner, child or children, healing, accommodation, financial breakthrough, sound mind that is the envy of all, and so forth.

No matter how small they might seem in your eyes, they are someone else’s prayer point.  He did all of these for you, trust Him to do what you’re asking for right now; He can do it again and again.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16). When asking, ask Him in faith without wavering, be confident and approach His throne with boldness. That pressing need is nothing to Him, after all, He saved the children of Israel from the hands of Pharaoh, when all hope was lost, and killed Pharaoh and his army.

Man is naturally insatiable. After going through a level of success, we want more so bad that we tend to forget what God has done in our live in the past. Sometimes we get so greedy that we want everything at once without minding our capacity to handle them.

Come to think of it: Do you have the capacity to handle what you’re asking for? The situation you’re in might be a training ground for you. It could be that you are being groomed for future responsibilities.

CONCLUSION: You are in this situation for a purpose and you’re coming out unhurt. Be patient and wait, for your victory is sure. God can do it again and again.

 Let’s sing this song together:
God can do it again and again,

God can do it again,

And again, and again,

He’s the same yesterday,

And He’s always the same,

Yesterday and today,

And forever the same,

There’s no reason to doubt,

My God can do it again.

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