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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Every change means that you want to achieve a state that is different from the DEFAULT and changing things takes courage, effort and investment. We all need someone to walk us through the path of change that we DESIRE.

What are you willing to give in order for you to get what you want? My Coaching and Mentoring Program will help you raise your game in 2018, unravel a problem, execute new task, find direction, purpose and balance in your work, business and your life.

Remember, the world is designed to reward those who masters its rules. We all need a coach and mentor in 2018. It is on this note I present to you: 

THE PATHFINDER MENTORING PROGRAM (A one month online mentoring program in Jan 2018).

Come this January (2018), from Day one till Day 31st. I will be hosting an intensive online Mentoring program. It is not for everybody, it is for people hungry for a change in their life, business and career.

Who you follow in 2018 determines what follows you.

The picture of TD Jakes is the power of having an influencer in your network. The life and business of his barber changed overnight !!!! The little things we think are vain....
You don't know how much mileage it commands.
Thinking about 2018 on December 31st is already a dead meat.

Here is the mentoring format:

1. Whatsapp group classes
2. Skype
3. Live video streaming (webinars)
4. Live audio streaming
5. Downloadable Podcasts.

The days of coaching. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  ( Minimum of 2 hours each day) we always achieve more than 2 hours . The classes are intense.

What you will learn among others includes:

1. Mastering Emotional intelligence

2. Personal leadership

3. PERSONAL Branding

4. Mindset Mastery

5. Goal setting

6. The art of selling yourself in 2018.

7. Monetizing your talent.

8. Creating your personal road map for 2018 and lots more.

If you know the way in life, it’s because somebody showed you the way. Early this year, I took a deliberate action that I want a mentoring program in my life. So, I took about two people as my mentors. You see, you don’t call someone your mentor that does not know you. People mistake role model for mentor.

A mentor is someone you’re in a deliberate relationship with. He knows you by name, he teaches you by hand. He calls you, checks on you, you tell him your assignments and he checks your progress report.

So, I took two people and I realized that my income jumped by 40% this year, and I achieved more this year than I have achieved I five years. That is the power of mentoring. It’s a deliberate relationship.

So, a mentor is someone that knows you and you know him. But role models are people that you learn from, from afar. You read their books, their tapes and use of their products and services.

So, please don’t mix up the two. My financial coach told me something, he said, “You don’t save for the rainy day, save for opportunity day.”   There’s opportunity for someone in the house today. Are you ready for the opportunity?

We talked about Networking. I have an online platform called Class of Dr Shogo. You want to keep in touch with me and know updates about my upcoming programs and read my lessons.

 Click on this link to join the Facebook class for free. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1846530655614990/

AUDIO CD: Don’t save for the rainy days, save for opportunities: 

If you want to be relevant in 2018, you need this audio CD. It talks about the Ps you need to master. The hard copy is 2k  and the soft copy is 1k

Pay 1k into GTB account 0032820303. Oyeniyi oluwashogo seun
Send NOTIFICATION via WhatsApp to 08077552220.
Once confirmed, you will get a personalized link to download the class content. 

As we are entering 2018, it is not by activity, it is by productivity. A lot of people are making moves; they’re not experiencing movement. A lot of people are active, but they’re not productive. Is is just noise. Please, don’t enter this 2018 the way you started 2017. Do something different. Hold on! 

Click on links below to view free lectures held on telegram messenger: 

Strategies for growth in 2018Three types of intelligence,  Mindset Is a big deal,
 Self Evaluation, Personal Responsibility, Self-esteem, Self-image, Self-worth & Self-esteemSecrets of nurturing your hidden talents, Four things most of us refuse to admit, How to build your self-worthSix elements of Self-esteem, 

Testimonies from Dr Shogo’s Pathfiner Mentoring Program:

Miranda Bassagi:
Enrolling in a month's mentoring session is one of the best decisions you can make in favour of your 2018. Don't let things happen to you, happen to things. I can never recover from the blue chip mentoring program in October and 2018 mentoring takes priority for me. I wasn't paid to do this; I simply feel someone out there may just need a true life review.

Dr Shogo's classes is like the affordable version of Lagos Business School and with an intact integrity and a consistent commitment to make sure you become a success in life. Long and short of this is, there are so many opportunities one won't get when you are not willing to sacrifice what it takes. I am a woman of few words. This just needed to be said.

My name is Miranda Bassagi and I am the chairperson of OCINIGERIA. I am a Blue chip Woman.

Tabby Chebet:
Waking up to 2017, I was stuck and overwhelmed not so sure how I am gonna pull through as far as my career was concerned. Being in the field of Sales and marketing, I felt tired.. Though I have never seemed to suffer from lack of enthusiasm, I was frustrated because I felt I was stuck and lacked life passion. As the year rolled down I had an opportunity to have coaching session from Dr Shogo both paid and free. I maximized on both.

As a result of the coaching, Dr Shogo sessions of the Blue-chip woman, goal setting, self- esteem, mastering the art of negotiations to name just a few, they have helped me clarify and set goals based on my values, have been able to become more organised, with a positive outlook, seriously cut down on my procrastination and did I say I started to exercise more and experiencing some high level energy... And just yesterday I got to negotiate for a serious business deal with the Australian High Commissioner in my country, let me just say I nailed it, Thanks to Dr Shogo training on negotiations skills.

Looking to make some positive changes in your life? If you've been struggling to make a change for a while but keep hitting a wall. Clap for yourself because it's not going to happen again, Dr Shogo is a certified life coach, he will help you formulate your plans and at the end of the day you will get clarity, discover some interesting things about yourself in the process. Don't MISS the upcoming mentoring class for whatsoever reasons. He will make your 2018 more exciting.

I am Tabby Chebet (Kenya)!   Click here for more testimonies


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