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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Last Saturday, the 25th of November, a trained was organized by a life coach, Dr Shogo on Telegram instant messenger.  It was a mind blowing raining.

I just want to share with you what we were taught in the class.  The lectures were in the following formats: Write-ups, audios, Videos and Images. The audios have been transcribed and you have the write-ups here.

Take your time, go through, ponder and make a decision for 2018. Remember, “Decision is the hallmark of destiny.”  Your 2018 and beyond must be better than 2017.

The transcribed audio is in italics. 

Happy reading!


A Growth strategy involves more than simply envisioning long term success. If you don't have a tangible plan, you're actually losing business and opportunities, not only that will also be increasing the chances of losing business and opportunities to your competitors. The key to any growth strategy is to be DELIBERATE!

Before attempting to expand your business and your life, you need to document your growth strategy. You see with a well thought out and documented strategy in place you can be sure that your life and business growth is led by informed decision and not just on impulse. And you will avoid any suppress pitfall that will compromise your effort.

To succeed in life, you need to know that you have to be deliberate and intentional. If you’re not comfortable with 2017 and you want your 2018 to be better, you need to understand the definition of insanity again.

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result. So which means, if we want a beautiful and a great 2018, we have to change the approach of 2017.

The key to a more successful life in 2018 is having a SUPERIOR STRATEGY for living it. Hoping that ever turns out okay is not a strategy!

Your life strategy is especially shaped by your BELIEFS, VALUES, PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, and thus by your DECISIONS about spending your TIME, ENERGY, MONEY, SKILLS and other resources.

For extra ordinary results, you need an extra ordinary approach. For extra ordinary life, you need an extra ordinary strategy.

Please, never live your life by default strategy, default strategy is usually what happens to you by CHANCE.

Live your life by DELIBERATE strategy as we move into 2018. You may not be able to do it alone, you will need a Mentor and a Coach.

Hear what the richest man in the world has to say ....

At the end of the day, you only have 2 choices: either you follow your own goals or the goals of other people. There’s no in-between. Its either you’re the pilot of your life or other people are the pilot of your life. Either from your past or your present.

As we get into 2018 and 2017 is rounding up, you need to know that the most important thing that you need to be aware of is that you will always have a choice. For instance, attending this class this morning is your choice. You chose to be in this class, alright. That is one of the major differences between us and the animals. If you don’t like a thing there s always a move you can make towards a better life.

You don’t betray anyone if you change your believe or your values over time. It’s your belief, it’s your value, so you can change it, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to look at the world through different lenses. I mean lenses that suit your life better. It’s your life, and you should live it completely true to God and to yourself. You have to be yourself since everyone is already taken by the way. You have to be yourself if you want to be happy. You also have to be smart.

I am who I am should not be an excuse for not playing the game of life smartly. People give excuses: “This is who I am; I don’t know how to be smart. I don’t know how to hustle for my business.” No, no, no that’s not an excuse. You have to be dedicated masterfully. You don’t get a second chance in the race of life, you have to …… it is really important for you to regularly think how you’ll play the game of life. Life is a game; you need a strategy in order for you to win. What is your strategy?

One strategy for growth you need to be DELIBERATE about in 2018 is your NETWORK. We have all heard this popular saying that your network determines your net worth. The truth is that, there are no self-made men; you will always need people no matter how good you are at your craft.

Here is an excerpt from a video: Sorry, the video will be uploaded later. Go through the write-up for now. 

You cannot succeed alone, you will always need people. 2018 starts with you but it cannot end with you! You need people to help you end it well.

Your network should be broken down into 4 categories:
1.     The influencer  
2.     The Expert
3.     The creator
4.     The connector

Now let me attempt to describe each category:

1.  THE INFLUENCERS: These are people who can affect the actions and perception of others. Some influencers have large audiences while others are simply considered to be the leader of the pack by their friends. Having just two strong influencers as friends can help you start growing quality network.

You don't need to know everybody; you just need to know the right person.
The story and illustration that readily comes to my mind:
Banky W got married last weekend- Saturday, November 18th.  An influencer by the name Ebuka wore a unique brand of agbada for the event, cameras and videos of the design went viral. The tailor who made it had over 3000 followers overnight on Instagram .

Guess what? The price of agbada has increased. Just one right Influencer.  Check your life, check your network, do you have any influencer? It doesn't have to be a Nollywood artist, your association president, your MD, your friend with plenty followers online, your blogger friend, etc.

I also remembered that my friend Mai Atafo made the wedding dress for Tiwa Savage for free. She's an influencer, and the multiplier effect of that gown was more than whatever he would have charged her. Ladies and gentlemen, don't make your relationships money, money, money and you are blind to notice an influencer.

Money is not everything!!! Some people have lost great relationships and opportunities that could have turned their destinies around simply because they were looking at money in the immediate return.

You may have money and still not get things done, but right relationships get things done faster than money

Just this morning, my mentor, my coach, my big deal, retweeted this class. Let me show you:

You don't stumble on influencers, you DELIBERATELY initiate a relationship with them.

The influencer you may need might even be your classmate. Humble yourself!

  Click on images for better viewing:

Note: the influencer doesn’t have to be someone popular or national. But if you look at your life, there’s that one friend that one friend that has influence within a particular sphere. 

2.   THE EXPERTS:  These are people we turn to for wisdom and direction. They’re mentors, coaches we reach out to and ask for their expertise.  Also, in your relationships you need people that are experts like a lawyer, an accountant that you can consult with, when you need their professional services. My Dad used to tell me that, “when you need a professional, hire one, don’t try to be one.”

Their experience and dedication to specific profession or skill gives us valuable insights that can be used to our own advantage. Just a conversation with an expert can save you money and headache. In your life you need an expert, you need a lawyer, and you need an accountant. I got a contract in Kenya, a TV contract, I had to give my lawyer to help me interpret. A lot of people have entered trouble; when you needed insight from an expert, you decided to do it on your own.

3.   THE CREATORS: Through creators are obsessed with innovations and they are plugged into current trends. One conversation with a creator about what they’re working on is worth countless hours researching the subject on your own. When you connect with them, it helps you stay on the cutting-edge of business or constantly evolving trends in your career.

For instance, I have a protégé that is into IT, so I needed to do something, develop an app for my brand. I called him, “Bobo.” This, this and this are the insights he gave me Google wouldn’t  have given me. He told me some ecommerce platforms that I wouldn’t easily find on Google. 

So, we need a creator in our lives. It doesn’t have to be IT alone. Maybe you have a friend that hosts seminars and concerts and he always gathers crowd. You’re in food business. Now you can network. When next you’re having your event, I’m coming to display my food. Because of your relationship with him, you might not even be paying for stand.  Look for creators in your industry and align with them.  This takes deliberate efforts.   

The last but not the least ……

4. THE CONNECTORS:  Who are they? These are the people who seem to literally know everyone and love making introductions to their network - if it will add value. Their ability to know which introductions to make and when to make them is what makes them extremely valuable to their network.

I was discussing with one of my mentors, middle of this year about a project I had to do with NYSC. I needed sponsorship. I wasn’t even rrequesting for him to find sponsor for me. I was just talking and he said, “wait Shogbo.” He just brought out his phone, he said, “Call this person. This person is into brand activation.”

I called the person and he told me to send an email to him. Before you know it he linked me with a company that was about launching a product to partner with me. Before you know it, money was signed. That is how powerful connectors are. They might not even be in your field at all, but with the people they know, if God decides to touch them and they give you one link, it can turn your life around. 

For instance, in the Bible, Joseph was smart enough after he interpreted the dream of the butler. He was smart enough to realize that this Butler has the capacity to become an influencer and a connector. So he told him ahead of time, “Guy, when you get to the palace don’t forget me.” That was a smart move! That was a very smart move! And the guy used his influence and connection to give Joseph a referral that brought Joseph out of the prison.  We need connectors in our lives!

Ladies and gentlemen, this calls for sober reflection, as 2017 is wrapping up, look at your own life. Evaluate the people and determine whether these 4 types of people are in your network. If they are present, seek to improve the strength of these relationships. If not, it's time to get to work!!

You can join the telegram class through the telegram link below: ( On or before the 31st of December 2017).


Do a message to him on facebook to add you to the group, using the link below:

Dear friend, do you want to become a better version of yourself in 2018?  Do you want to belong to a community of supportive people? Then join The Pathfinder Mentoring Program by Dr Shogo, coming up in January 2018. Click here for details.

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