Saturday, 9 December 2017

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By: Lolia On: 2:00:00 pm
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  • Did you say the second woman is better? Please take a closer look at both women. Don’t get deceived by “the modernity.”

    The first mother is more focused and caring. You can see her baby is relaxed and even sleeping.  Her baby is at a very low risk, should there be any form of domestic accident. 

    The second mother has her baby in front, facing the fire. She’s on the phone and you can see the baby is not relaxed. She’s not committed to what she finds herself doing.  How are we even sure her food will be tasty.

    Should there be any form of domestic accident, the baby stands the risk of being hurt. She is not committed to what she is doing.

    Mothers really need to consider the family first, especially our babies, when we take to modern lifestyle; this lifestyle can be very detrimental to the family.

    Remember, the family is our first point of call.

    Looks very funny, right?

    Think about this: this baby is alone, using flour on himself. What if this is not flour, but something else that is harmful to him? 

    Two things: it’s either the baby passes on or is rushed to an emergency ward.

    Let’s take good care of our babies by paying close attention to them. It may not be easy, but can be done.

    A lot of children are between life and death right now, due to carelessness from family members, especially their mothers.

    When a baby is at the point of death, the family loses focus. So many loses will be incurred – money, time, energy, low productivity, high blood pressure and more.

    Always keep an eye on the young ones to avoid unnecessary pressure.


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