Tuesday, 26 December 2017

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By: Lolia On: 1:00:00 pm
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  • There have been some speculations on the global stock market in 2018. Some investment gurus have made some predictions as to where the market will be heading to.

    Here is an advise from  the richest man in Zimbabwe and Econet Wireless Boss - Dr Strive Masiyiwa -  on stock market investment for 2018. He has never sounded this way. This means something positive will be happening in the market next year. All we need is to position ourselves properly to have a piece of the action.

    His 3-letter sentence- #Just do it - is what really caught my attention. I call it a “coded advise.”

    Here’s his advice:  
    Next year there is something I want you to do for YOURSELF...

    I want you to take some money and buy shares in a business on your country’s stock exchange. I’m not talking of a lot of money $20-100 (or minimum allowed in your country’s exchange). For this particular exercise don’t do more.

    I’m not interested in you buying shares in one of my businesses, in fact I prefer that you don’t do that with regards this exercise. 

    Do it before the end of February.

    If your country does not have a stock exchange find a way to buy some shares somewhere!

    If you live in America, or India, or Australia; buy shares there!

    You can even buy them together with a friend, or a family member who is interested in entrepreneurship.

    Do not sell them until the end of next year.
    I do want you to report regularly how your shares are doing.
    I might even ask you about your share portfolio if I bump into you, somewhere next year. So please don’t disappoint me.

    I’m not going to say why today, or even before the end of next year.

    #Just do it!

    Call it a “senior class” exam for the end of 2017, and results to come end of 2018!


    “He that hath an ear, let him hear”


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